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Here you will find our selection of leaded microphones

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Soundlab Dynamic Vocal Microphone Kit

Microphone kit featuring 3 good quality plastic dynamic microphones with holders and 2.8m XLR leads in a robust egg foam lined carry case.

£15.95 *

Pulse DM-520 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A general purpose hand-held microphone with a heavyweight design.

£12.99 *

Pulse PM580S - Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A dynamic lead vocal microphone with rugged metal construction and satin finish. Comes in carry with with Lead, Windshield & Mic Clip.

£15.00 *

QTX DM18 - Dynamic Vocalist Microphone

Handheld vocal microphone with precision-machined metal body and high quality dynamic capsule.

£15.95 *

Pulse PLS00033 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

An exceptional vocal microphone with a heavy duty metal body, grille and integrated pop shield makes it ideal for lead vocalists, presentations and stage use.

£19.95 *

Pulse FX-510L Instrument Condenser Microphone

Miniature, low profile condenser instrument microphone designed specifically for overheads and hi-hats.

£29.99 *
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